We are based on collective work and shared knowledge


NAMA architects is an Athens-based architectural office that aims to create bespoke living spaces where neither form nor function follows one another. Via the architectural design process, we try to achieve a high level of quality in design and materials, while keeping a low cost in construction. Sustainable and energy-efficient solutions are an integral part of our design process. Hence, we create low-carbon-footprint constructions that ensure its inhabitants a healthier life.

We are of the opinion that architecture can be memorable even if it’s not monumental. That's why we assert that the anonymous marvels of architecture made by local craftsmen all over the world, who have deeply enhanced the characteristics of their land and their environment, are exemplary and always up-to-date.

We believe architecture should primarily serve the physical and spiritual needs of people and communities, not their status quo.

We keep an open mind and learn new things every day!


Collective work: the key to a successful result

Dimitris Grapsas portrait image
(aka: Jim)

Dimitris Grapsas

Architect NTUA / DMU

Born: 1978 / Athens / Greece

Education: School of Architecture in National Technical University of Athens, Architecture BA (Hons)/ De Montfort University, Interior Design BA (Hons) / University of Derby / Vakalo.

Dimitris leads NAMA architects and specializes in the Construction and Project Management issues of the office. He has been involved in various construction projects in Greece and abroad since 2001.

He enjoys living to the max.

email: dgrapsas@namaarchitects.com

Christina Kalampouka portrait image
(aka: Christinaki)

Christina Kalampouka

Architect NTUA

Born: 1990 / Athens / Greece

Education: School of Architecture in National Technical University of Athens.

Christina is a member of the NAMA team since 2016. She is a senior architect and the heart & soul of our office.

email: christina@namaarchitects.com

Dimitris Galetakis portrait image
(aka: Mitsakos)

Dimitris Galetakis

Architect NTUA

Born: 1990 / Athens / Greece

Education: School of Architecture in National Technical University of Athens.

Dimitris has joined the NAMA team in 2018. He has been practicing architecture in various studios and he is the cool guy in our office.

email: dimitris@namaarchitects.com

Kleoniki Makridou portrait image
(aka: Klelia)

Kleoniki Makridou

Archeologist NKUA / Architect NTUA

Born: 1979 / Athens / Greece

Education: School of Archeology in National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Architecture in National Technical University of Athens.

Klelia is a consultant of our office since 2008. She is an expert regarding regulations on permits of buildings. Positive thinker and hard worker she is the person you can rely on.

email: klelia@namaarchitects.com

Panagiotis Dapondes portrait image
(aka: Panos)

Panagiotis Dapondes

Office Manager and Finance

Born: 1977 / Athens / Greece

He is the backbone of our office since 2012 and organizes us on a daily basis.

email: info@namaarchitects.com


Never change a winning team

Civil Engineers NTUA

Konstantinos Mikedis, Konstantinos Kritikides, Konstantinos Vagenas

Architects NTUA

Ioanna Fakiri, Vassilis Konstantinou, Nikos Christoulakis

Electrical Engineer AUTH

Stefanos Papadopoulos


Forged for the most demanding projects

Head of Construction and Project Management team

Spiro Catis

Sculptor - Head of RnD

Gotcha Gurgenidge

Construction Managers - Craftsmen

Shahid Mehmood, Gramozi Limoni, Aris Dogani, Ioannis Kantarides, Aimilio Aimiliano


Tomy Shetmir, Nour Hok, Amir, Teuland