Wooden House

Wooden house represents the necessity of an eco-shelter, not far away from the hectic urban rhythms, in complete accordance with nature.




Berlin, Germany




Preliminary Design

Wooden House image

Wooden House is a vacation residence situated on a lot on the outskirts of Berlin. The aim was to create a sustainable energy self-sufficient dwelling, exclusively made of wood. Our team approached the house as a space of peace and quiet that incorporates principles of passive building design. Both the local climate and the site analysis defined the house orientation. Additionally, by installing solar panels on the shed roof the environmental impact and the energy costs are reduced, while the energy independence is ensured. Wood is the undeniable choice for this project. The timber framework and, as well as the walls, are made of solid wooden trunks, derived from the proprietor’s woodland in Romania.

As far as the interior space is concerned, the living room, the dining area and the kitchen are designed as a continuous space with a vast opening to the southern façade, where a semi-outdoor is designed to offer a smooth transition from inside to outside. Moreover, the bedroom, the bathroom and the loft are located at the northern side of the dwelling. For security reasons solid wooden panels seal the openings, while a security roll protects the southern opening and the porch.

Wooden House image
Wooden House image
Wooden House image